Cryo 21 Cold therapy

Many area of treatment

Cryo 21 is made for the Skin and Healthpractitioners – physiotherapists, chiropractors, masseurs etc.

Cryo 21 can remove tension in muscles and symptoms from trauma after crush injuries. Furthermore, to help skin and health therapists by removing unwanted fat and wrinkles in the face and double chin.

Cryo 21 has an anti-inflammatory effect. It reduces inflammation in the muscle and tendons, and reduces soreness in the muscle due to accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles.


Choose the area you want to treat:

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Our method is simply brilliant; it can treat all areas of the body from head to toe:

  • “Bat wings” on the arms
  • Facelift
  • Double chin
  • Abdomonal fat
  • Cellulites

Cryo 21 is a therapeutic treatment for fat removal without surgery.

Cryo 21 facilitates a thermal shock by reducing the temperature of fat cells, causing them to die-off in a natural way. This natural die-off process is called apoptosis which results in a gradual degeneration of fat cells and their evacuation of dead fat cells.

Apoptosis of fat cells occur when the machine reduces the temperature in the area from 34 °C to only 8 °C and without the client feeling cold. After 4-6 treatments it is not unusual for the clients to lose up to 12 cm around the waist or 5 sizes and this is accomplished permanently without any kind of surgery.