Arctik 21

The combination of Cryo therapy and Thermo therapy gives an even better result!


Arctik 21’s combined heat and cold technique will reduce swelling, dampen pain, remove tension in muscles, reduce muscle and tendon inflammation and have a good effect on blood circulation.

Arctik 21 removes unwanted fat. The therapist then treats the same place once every 14 days, since it takes about two weeks before all the dead fat cells get out of the body.

Arctik 21 has been shown to have a very good effect on cellulite. The cold penetrates deep into the skin and stimulates fibroblasts that produce new collagen and elastin. This provides a gradual tension of the skin.

With Arctik 21 you can treat an area of ​​15 minutes or two areas in 30 minutes.

Arctik 21 is entering the cosmetic market after several years of extensive studies and trials on cold and infrared heat treatments. The combination of this will bring even better results! The name reflects the Arctic polar circle. This is a unique place in the world where the combination of cold and heat leads to two amazing natural phenomena; midnight sun and eternal glaciers.

Combining cold with infrared radiation leads to a continuous exchange between vasoconstriction and vasodilation, stimulates the blood system and, in addition, causes the muscles to gradually relax. The goal is to reduce pain, reduce swelling and will block unpleasant nerve sensations that come from joints and muscles.

The cold part of the machine initiates a gradual emptying of fat cells. During treatment, Arctik 21 reduces the temperature of the treatment probe. When the probe is applied to the skin, this leads to cooling of the skin and the process of apoptosis starts. This leads to an elimination of fat in the treatment area. Adipocytes, fat cells, are sensitive to cold. Apoptosis is programmed cell death where the cell membrane is broken down. As a consequence, spontaneous, slow and gradual emptying of dead fat cells occurs. Apoptosis occurs in a natural and regulated manner that benefits the life cycle of the organism. The fat is naturally plunged through the liver, digestive and lymphatic system within fifteen to twenty days. This is an all-natural process in the body.

Arctik 21 has a good effect on:

  • Fat (cold)
  • Cellulites (cold)
  • Tightening (cold)
  • Figure formation (cold)
  • Swelling (cold)
  • Muscle contractions (cold)
  • Mute pain and discomfort in muscles and joints (cold / heat)
  • Support for both the lymphatic system and venous system (cold / heat)
  • Muscle relaxant (heat)
  • Before and after exercise for better performance and endurance

The treatment is CE-approved, safe and painless

Arctik 21 is also designed to help physiotherapists, chiropractors and other health professionals as well as skin and health therapists. We seek gentle and outgoing people with an interest in anatomy, health, body care, pain management and well-being. You already have your own practice or want to start one. Contact us for more information.